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1. GURKHA SPECIAL PLATTER (D)       £11.25

An assortment of king prawn/lamb sekuwa/chicken tikka and tandoori chicken served in hot platter.

(Ideal for 2 person)


2. MOMO (G)           £4.25

Fresh homemade steamed chicken/pork/vegetable dumpling served with homemade Nepalese tomato chutney.(very popular snack in the Gurkha Regiments)


3. CHAT KUKHURA (G)         £4.25

Char grilled fresh chicken mixed with cucumber, tomato, lemon juice, chat masala and coriander served in spicy papadum basket.


4. CHAMRI (D)           £4.25

Cube of panner imbued with touch of herb and spice then gently glazed in the clay.


5. MITHO MACHHA          £4.25

 Deep fried-Tilapia fish lightly battered served with chilli sauce.


6. PRAWN SINKA          £5.50

King prawn marinated with herb, garlic, ginger and touch with chilli served on bamboo stick


7. SEKUWA           £4.25

 Char grilled fresh lamb pieces marinated with Nepali spices.


8. ONION BAJI  (G)          3.25

 Deep fried seasoned onion marinated with gram flour.


9. PRAWN PURI.          £5.15

Prawn fried with garlic, ginger onion in medium spices and served on deep fried flat bread.


10. CHHOYALA           £4.25

Cube of fresh chicken breast marinated in Nepali Spices with touch of chillies and lime


11. VEGETABLE SAMOSA (G)        £3.25

 Spicy mix seasonal fresh vegetables pastries.


12. MIX SKEWER (D)          £5.50

 Mixed pieces of grilled lamb/ chicken and prawn tikka.




13. GURKHA SPECIAL (D) (Medium/Hot)      £.8.50/9.50

Fresh chicken or lamb cooked in sweet and spicy sauce touch of yogurt

 And Mango pulp.


14. PORK MESSING (medium/hot)       £8.50

Tender pieces of pork stir fried with garlic, ginger tender with fresh spinach cooked in Gurkha regiment style. All-time favourite curry in Gurkha Regiment.


15. HILL BOY SPECIAL (D) (medium/hot)     £8.50/9.50

Fresh marinated chicken or lamb tikka cooked with garlic, ginger, fenugreek leaf and touch off chilly, yogurt and coriander. ‘A very popular dish’


16. HIMALAYN GREEN CHICKEN (mild/medium/hot)    £8.50

Tender pieces of chicken cooked in clay oven with ginger, garlic, onion and tomatoes with sprinkling of coriander. This is the most popular traditional chicken curry in central Nepal.


17. EVEREST LAMB (Mild/medium/hot)        £9.50

Slow cooked fresh lamb with ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, and fresh Nepali masala.


18. PAHADI MASU DAAL (mild/medium/hot)     £8.50/9.50

Fresh chicken or lamb mixed in black lentil cooked in Nepalese style, flavour of fried garlic, ginger and special Nepali spices.


19. KATHMANDU CHICKEN (G)       £8.50

Fresh slice chicken marinated with egg, potato flour, white paper, and stir fried with fresh garlic, ginger and spring onion with touch of dark soy sauce.


20. CHILLI CHICKEN (G)        £8.50

 Fresh sliced stir fried chicken cooked with fresh garlic, chilli and dark soy sauce.


21. NARAYANI PRAWN (mild/medium/hot)     £12.50

 King prawn cooked with sweet and spicy sauce and yoghurt.


22. SALMON CURRY.         £9.50

 Chargrilled salmon cooked in hot sauce, green chilli pepper and tomatoes.


23. TALL KO MACHHA (Mild/medium/hot)     £9.50

 Tilapia fish with ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, coriander and Nepali fresh masala.


24. KING PRAWN CURRY (mild/medium/hot)     £12.50

Traditionally cooked with special sauce of fresh tomato, onion, carrot, ginger, garlic

and capsicum.




25. RARA CHICKEN (D)        £8.50

 Barbecued chicken in mild tomato sauce topped with cream and almond.


26. BHUNA CHICKEN/LAMB       £8.50/9.50

Fresh chicken or lamb cooked with onion, tomato fresh chilli, capsicum and touch of coriander.


27. CHICKEN OR LAMB KORMA (N/D)      £8.50/£9.50

 Cooked with almond, cashew nut, coconut and fresh cream.


28. CHICKEN/LAMB TIKA MASALA (N/D)     £8.50/£9.50

 All-time favourite dish cooked with tomato, coconut, milk and fresh cream.


29. BUTTER CHICKEN (D/N)       £8.50

Small pieces of char grill chicken breast cooked in butter, fresh cream, garnished with plum tomato.


30. PATHIA CHICKEN OR LAMB       £8.50/9.50

 Cooked in traditional style sweet and sour flavour.


31. DHANSHAK CHICKEN/LAMB       £8.50/£9.50

A delicious combination of Nepalese spices with yellow lentils, lemon juice and herbs and sweet and sour hot.


32. CHIKEN TIKKA CHILLI MASALA (D/N) (Mid/hot)    £8.50

Typical chicken tikka masala bland in chef special sauce and ingredients.


33. MADRAS CHICKEN OR LAMB        £8.50/9.50

 Hot dish.


34. FARSHI LAMB (mil/med/hot)       £9.50

  Tender pieces of lamb slow cooked with garlic, ginger, tomato pumpkins.


35. CHICKEN OR LAMB SAAG       £8.50/9.50

 Chicken or lamb curry mixed with fresh spinach.


36. FRIED CHICKEN NOODLE (G/N)      £7.50

Stir fried noodle and chicken in fresh vegetable, tomato sauce, pepper green chilli and soy sauce.


37. BIRIYANI (chicken/lamb/prawn)     £10.50/11.50/13.50

 Pilau rice cooked with chicken/lamb or prawn in traditional biriyani sauce.




TONDOORI SPECIALITIES (served in sizzler)


38. CHICKEN TIKKA (D)         £8.50

 Marinated boneless chicken cooked in clay oven.


39. TANDOORI CHICKEN (D)        £8.50

 Fresh chicken marinated in special sauce and cooked in clay oven.


40. NADIKO MACHHA (D)         £9.50

Gently charcoal flame, pieces of salmon marinated in our unique blend fresh herbs


41. TANDOORI KING PRAWN (D)        £12.50

 King prawn marinated with chef’s special sauce.


42. CHICKEN TIKKA SASLIC (D)        8.50

Pieces of chicken Brest marinated in fresh ground aromatic herbs and spices barbecued with onion mixed pepper and tomatoes.


43. PANEER TIKA SASLICK  (D)        £7.50

Diced cheese marinated in fresh ground aromatic herbs and spices barbecued with

Onion, mixed pepper tomatoes.





44. NEPALESE MIXED VEGETABLES (mild/medium/hot)    £5.50

 Seasonal fresh mixed vegetables cooked Nepalese style.


45. VEGETABLE KORMA (D)        £7.25

Seasonal fresh mixed vegetable cooked with almond cashew nut, coconut and fresh cream.


46. FRIED VEGETABLE NOODLES  (G)       £5.95

 Fresh mixed vegetable with tomato sauce, pepper, chilli and soy sauce.


47. VEGETABLE BIRIYANI         £8.95

Pilau rice cooked with Seasonal fresh mixed vegetable in biriyani sauce.


48. SAAG ALOO          £3.95

 Spinach and potatoes.


49. BOMBAY ALOO          £3.95

 Favourite curried potatoes dish.


50. ALU KERAU          £3.95

 Potato and peas cooked in Nepalese style.


51. SAAG PANNER (D)         £3.95

 Spinach and paneer.


52. TAREKO DAAL          £3.95

 Lentils with herb and spices.


53. KALO DAAL          £4.00

 Black lentils with fried ginger and Himalayan herbs.


54. RATO PHARSHI          £3.25

 Pumpkin cooked in tomato and onion sauce with carom seeds.


55. PALUNGO SAAG          £4.00

 Steam spinach sautéed with fenugreek seeds in nepali flavour.


56. ALOO GOBI           £3.25

 Potato and cauliflower cooked in a onion and tomatoes sauce.


57. KERAU PANEER (D)         £3.95

 Pan fried paneer cooked with green peas in onion sauce.





58. PLAIN RICE           £2.50

 Plain boiled basmati rice


59. SPECIAL FRIED RICE         £4.20

 Basmati rice fried with chicken, egg and vegetables.


60. PILAU RICE           £2.95

 Saffron rice.


61. LEMON RICE          £2.50

 Basmati rice with lemon flavour.


62. EGG FRY RICE          £3.50

 Basmati rice fried with eggs.


63. MUSHROOM FRY RICE         £3.50

 Basmati rice fried with fresh mushroom.





64. PLAIN NAAN (D/G)         £2.70

 Freshly baked homemade naan.


65. PESWARI NAAN (D/G/N)                         £2.95

 Mixed with coconut, almond powder, cherry and sultana.


66. GARLIC NAAN (D/G)         £2.95

Mixed with fresh garlic and coriander.


67. KEEMA NAAN (D/G)         £3.00

 Mixed with fresh lamb mince.


68. CHILLI NAAN (G/D)         £2.95

 Mixed with fresh green chilli.


69. CHAPATI (G)          £1.95

 Whole wheat bread baked in clay oven.



CHILDREN’S MENU        £5.00

Chicken nuggets and chips

Fish and chips

Mini burgers with chips

Fry chicken or vegetable noodle

 Half portion of any curry


Allergy information




Food prepared here may contain or have come in contact with nuts, dairy or wheat.

Please inform a member of staff if a person in your party has food allergy.




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